What is One Healthy Option?

A tool for parents to use to encourage restaurants to provide healthier food choices for children. This collaborative website will allow for an open exchange of information between parents to inform other parents and support restaurants that are providing healthy options for children.

We believe kids’ menus at restaurants do not offer enough healthy choices for them to choose from. Often, the choices are limited to fried foods, hamburgers, hot dogs and sodas. Yet, the regular menu may offer healthy food choices, but these are often priced higher than those on the kids’ menu and the portion sizes are not appropriate for children.

Why is this? Are our children not important enough to us to give them at least one healthy choice to choose from? One Healthy Option wants to change this. We want to build a database of restaurants that offer at least One Healthy Option on their children’s menu. We want to accomplish this with your help.

How is One Healthy Option Defined?

The following guidelines are used to determine if a restaurant offers One Healthy Option:

  • Main course is a lean meat or protein or vegetarian option prepared using a low fat/sugar cooking method (this does not include fried food, hamburgers or hot dogs)
  • Side dish (if present) includes (either by default or substitution) a full serving of at least one of the following: fruit, vegetable, or beans
  • Kids meal includes either water only or an option of a no sugar added beverage (non-flavored milk or 100% fruit juice)

How Can I Help?

In two steps.

First, if you and your family frequent a restaurant where no healthy meal option exists on the kids menu, talk to the restaurant owner. Ask them to consider adding at least one healthy meal option to the kids menu. Inform them of this website and effort.

Second, if you’ve successfully convinced a restaurant to add at least One Healthy Option to their children’s menu, or you’ve visited a restaurant where such an option already exists, tell us about it! We want to compile a nationwide list of restaurants that offer at least One Healthy Option and list and map the restaurants, so that parents can make informed decisions AND support these restaurants.

Send Us Your Restaurant Information

If you have dined at a restaurant that offers at least One Healthy Option on the kids’ menu, or if you are a restaurant owner and would like to share your healthy menu options for children, please let us know using the form below. Indicate the restaurant contact information along with the healthy meal option(s) found on the kids menu using the form below. We will check the information and then list the restaurant on our website. Thank you!